Pandora Noir (pandoranoir) wrote in aine_rince,
Pandora Noir

Favourite "non-irish" music to Irish Dance to

I've got a few here, but if you have any others, let me know!

U2 - Elevation (Reel/Treble Reel)

Blur - Song 2 (Reel/Treble Reel)

Twista - Overnight Celebrity (not are a reel, other parts are possibly a slip jig)

Beyonce - Single Ladies (Reel/Treble Reel) - and if you haven't seen this video, it's awesome! ID starts at about 1:25 but it's worth watching the whole thing. Who said Irish Dancers don't know how to move their hips?

I'm also looking for cool Irish/Electronic fusion, preferably without vocals, but I'll take vocals if the base is awesome. I know about Afro Celt Sound System but much of their music isn't really danceable.
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