Reality. Distortion. (saint_morphine) wrote in aine_rince,
Reality. Distortion.


Hey there =)

I'm quite new here... I'm a beginners Irish Dancer from Germany, 26 years old.
This is my first entry here, but I already need to ask for help:
This is a video of a performance of the Trinity Academy of Rish Dance. Those dancers are so amazing...

Can anyone tell me the name of the song and by whom it is?
Would be much apreciated :)
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It sounds like something very similar to a song from Lord of the Dance... maybe start looking there... sorry I can't be more helpful
Well I know when i saw them a few years ago they were traveling with New Day Dawning. This song sounds similar to 'Lilty Reels' by them. Don't think it's exact...but it's still a GREAT song and set of reels!!