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Training question

Okay. So, there's this clicky thing that I'm sure you all know about. Basically, you spring and bring your front foot up to your bum, clicking it on your back heel (back leg stays straight) as you go. That's a bad description, but try it and you'll see what I mean.

I've never had any problems doing it until lately, but now every time I do it, it causes searing pain in my quads. When it doesn't, it just makes my legs so weak and watery that I have to stop dancing and shake 'em out or else risk falling on my face. Two weeks before Thanksgiving, I tore one of the muscles and couldn't even walk for a couple days (forget about dancing for the whole month of November). Even doing them slowly and not-sharply, my legs still feel weak. This is obviously a BAD situation.

So, my question is, what is a good exercise to do to improve these? I'm not sure if it's a problem with flexibility or strength. I've been doing plies (25 in 1st, 25 in second, with all sorts of releves thrown in) every morning. I've also been doing this one where I kneel in leap position (sitting on one heel with the other leg out in front). Neither one of those seems to be helping much. I've had to take them out of my steps and the replacements don't look as nice.

So, any advice you guys can provide?
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Do you mean back clicks?

If you tore a muscle, you need to see a doctor ASAP. If everything's ok and you just need to improve quad strength, I suggest either one-legged squats or wall sits. Or just do proper squats if you have gym access.
I agree, If you're still is big pain whenever you walk even see a doctor, you could do some serious damage to your quads otherwise.
I have my trusty chiropracter to help me with joint strengthening, your ankles and knees are pretty much the first things to go when dancing.
Plies really help but definitely do some squats and really make sure that you stretch out thoroughly, especially your quads.
When you stretch out, stand feet shoulder length apart and bend over and stretch regularly, then turn both feet the same way and let your back leg slide back until you feel a tug on your calves, it'll help pull out your hamstrings. Then when you're done with that, you can let the back leg slide back but balance on the front foot while the leg is bent, sorta like a backward leap. This will definitely stretch out the entire top half of your leg.

I hope it helps!